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Charlotte is a lived experience consultant. With over 30 years of experience of living with bipolar disorder and using mental health services, Charlotte draws on her own life to work as a mental health consultant and a service user researcher. Her work involves training, public speaking, bespoke blogging and research. Her interests include bipolar affective disorder, major depression, service user/survivor involvement, perinatal mental health and antipsychotic prescribing/experience of antipsychotic use.


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Mental health stigma and online social support for bipolar disorder: what can we learn from Twitter?


Charlotte Walker explores an online ethnography study that explores how Twitter users discuss mental illness, particularly bipolar disorder, and in what context; focusing specifically on the areas of stigma and social support.

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What do people with bipolar really pay attention to when they are monitoring their mood?


Charlotte Walker reviews a recent qualitative study on monitoring mood in bipolar disorder, which suggests that people with lived experience should customise monitoring questions to create a more responsive, personalised approach.

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