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Briana began her academic pursuits in her hometown of Washington D.C. where she studied her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Howard University. Following her studies, she received a Fulbright scholarship to Berlin where she enacted an independent study involving narrative therapy as a novel treatment method for refugees suffering from PTSD. In September of 2019, she began her Master of Science in Mental Health Studies at King’s College London, and she is currently working on her dissertation investigating the uses of music therapy for anorexia nervosa. Briana's interests include women’s mental health, post-partum depression, PTSD in refugees, narrative therapy/narrative psychology, eating disorders and music therapy.


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Can yoga help treat depression in people with other mental health problems?


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Physical activity while pregnant may help prevent postpartum depression


Briana Applewhite summarises a systematic review and meta-analysis on the effects of physical activity during pregnancy and the risk of postpartum depression.

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