Removable dental prostheses: Limited evidence on clinical performance


Only 19 small studies were identified for this review of the survival rate of removable dental prostheses. the Heterogeneity of the studies and evaluation criteria made comparisons difficult so findings should be interpreted with caution.

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Implants improve clinical outcomes for Kennedy class I patients


This review of the use of dental implants to support removable partial dentures in Kennedy class I cases identified only 15 small observational studies. The review suggests that implant use improved patient satisfaction and masticatory ability. However, these findings should be interpreted with caution.

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Trial found minor deterioration of periodontal status in patients with a partial removable dental prosthesis


The World Health Organisation has stated that the retention, throughout life, of a functional, aesthetic, natural dentition of not less than 20 teeth and not requiring recourse to prostheses should be the treatment goal for oral health. This is consistent with the concept of the shortened dental arch (SDA) with an intact anterior region and [read the full story…]

Study suggests use of resin-bonded bridgework more cost effective than removable dental prostheses in older partially dentate patients


The aim of this study was to assess the cost-effectiveness analysis of two different tooth replacement strategies for partially dentate older patients; partial removable dental prostheses (RDP) and functionally orientated treatment based on the shortened dental arch concept (SDA). Partially dentate patients aged 65 years and older seeking replacement of missing natural teeth, had a [read the full story…]

Double crown tooth abutments and dentures demonstrated a wide range of survival rates


Double crown reconstructions provide the possibility of restoring a dentition using a few remaining teeth located in unfavorable positions for other prosthetic approaches Although they require high precision from both the dental technician and clinician. The aim of this review was to systematically screen the literature for data related to the survival and complication rates [read the full story…]

Partial loss of teeth – so many treatment options – but insufficient evidence to recommend best method

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The management of patents who present with the partial loss of teeth is a common task for dentists and has been so for many years. The aim of this Cochrane review is to assess the effects of different prostheses for the treatment of partially absent dentition in terms of the following outcomes: long-term success, function, [read the full story…]