Endodontic microsurgery or single tooth implants after failed root canal treatment

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This systematic review was looking to compare endodontic microsurgery with single implant placement. No studies directly comparing the two treatments were available. 44 studies of single implants and 6 studies of endodontic microsurgery found 2 -4 years survival rates for endodontic microsurgery were 94% and single implants 96%. The quality of the available evidence was moderate.

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Mineral Trioxide Aggregate and Super Ethoxy–Benzoic Acid have similar success rates as root- end fillers following endodontic surgery


A range of materials have been used for root-end filling after endodontic surgery with a systematic review by Tang and Yin in 2010 finding that; ‘mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) as root-end filling is better than amalgam and purely gutta-percha but similar to intermediate restorative material(IRM).’ However, only a 5 trials could be included in that [read the full story…]