Mandibular overdentures and impact on oral health


This review assessed patient satisfaction with mandibular implant overdentures using the Oral Health Impact Profile. Only 5 RCTs were included and findings suggest that implant supported overdentures perform better than conventional dentures.

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Antibacterial effects of cavity lining: limited evidence available


This review of cavity liners retrieved 14 trials (11 RCTs). The available evidence was limited but some liners seem more suitable to achieve sterile cavities or reduce bacterial numbers than others.

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Limited weak evidence suggesting that flapless dental implant placement is feasible


The use of dental implants is becoming an increasingly common procedure. Traditionally they have been placed after a mucoperiosteal flap has been raised. The concept of implants placement without raising a flap (flapless surgery) has been advocated as a way of achieving a shorter treatment time.  The aim of this review was to evaluate the [read the full story…]

Study suggests use of resin-bonded bridgework more cost effective than removable dental prostheses in older partially dentate patients


The aim of this study was to assess the cost-effectiveness analysis of two different tooth replacement strategies for partially dentate older patients; partial removable dental prostheses (RDP) and functionally orientated treatment based on the shortened dental arch concept (SDA). Partially dentate patients aged 65 years and older seeking replacement of missing natural teeth, had a [read the full story…]