Periodontitis- full mouth disinfection or quadrant scaling?

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13 small RCTs were identified for this review, comparing full mouth interventions with quadrant scaling for periodontitis. Limited evidence of a small benefit was found in two comparisons.

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Periodontal disease: no clear evidence that full-mouth scaling superior to conventional treatment approaches


This updated Cochrane review now includes 12 trials. However, there is no clear evidence that full-mouth scaling or full-mouth disinfection provides additional benefit compared to conventional scaling and root planing.

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Better outcomes with metronidazole and amoxicillin as an adjunct to full mouth disinfection for patients with aggressive periodontitis

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About 1 in 1000 susceptible patients suffers from aggressive periodontitis. Sufferers have more rapid  gingival attachment loss with some losing more that half their bony support by 35. This can be localised  to a small number of teeth or more generalised.  The aim of this study was to evaluate the adjunctive clinical and microbiological effects [read the full story…]