Top Dental Elf Blogs: Jan – Mar 2020

The Dental Elf

As we approach the festive period and come to the end of this challenging year the dental elves are going to take a break from our regular blogging from the 16th Dec 2020 until 6th Jan 2021.

So best wishes to all our readers for the festive period and for a less challenging 2021.

However, we will post our usual summary of our most popular blogs of 2020 during our break.

We have not included our COVID related blogs in our usually round up of our most popular topics but our COVID blogs can be accessed here.

During 2020 the dental elves have published 145 blogs covering a broad range of topics.

Our most popular blogs between  January and March  2020 are listed below.


Caries management in children. The FiCTION trial


Pulpal anaesthesia for symptomatic irreversible pulpitis in mandibular molars


Third molars: Factors associated with surgical difficulty



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