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Pattie Gonsalves is a mental health researcher and public engagement specialist. Deeply motivated to break the stigma related to young people’s mental health in India, Pattie works as a Project Director at Indian mental health research non-profit, Sangath, where she creates novel advocacy projects and conducts research on youth mental health innovations. She leads ‘It’s Ok To Talk’, a national anti-stigma campaign for youth mental health and suicide prevention and is completing her PhD at the University of Sussex UK.


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Self-disclosure and social media: review identifies two-way relationship with mental health #ActiveIngredientsMH


Pattie Gonsalves explores the relationship between self-disclosure of mental health and wellbeing in young people, by summarising a recent review on self-disclosure and social media, and also presenting findings from a new review on self-disclosure as an active ingredient in interventions for youth anxiety and depression.

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