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David is an internationally acknowledged authority & pioneer of Uncommon Psychiatric Syndromes, which is also the title of the eponymous book acknowledged as a classic (5th Edition to be published 1/1/2021). He is a broadcaster and author. Other titles include: ‘Healing the Hurt Mind (8th Ed); Schizophrenia: Voices in the Dark; and Psychiatric Disorders in Dental Practice. David has 65 years of active clinical practice under his belt, as well as experience teaching in 3 university departments.


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Online psychotherapy for the COVID era: digital healthcare with insights from Auschwitz?


M. David Enoch writes his debut elf blog on a recent article in the BJPsych Bulletin about the trailblazing use of online interventions to enable autonomous psychological care.

His blog also suggests that during the current pandemic we may learn something important from Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy, which was born out of the horrors of the World War II concentration camps.

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