Eloise Stark

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Eloise is currently studying for her DPhil in Psychiatry at the University of Oxford. Her research explores the neural, attentional and behavioural mechanisms underlying parent-infant interaction and particularly face processing. This research also has a specific focus upon parent-infant interaction in the context of craniofacial abnormality such as cleft lip, and the development of interventions to support these families. She has particular interests in perinatal mental health in men and women, pleasure and eudaimonia, and has also completed research on Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


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Autism and psychiatrists: experience, knowledge and attitudes revealed in new survey


Eloise Stark looks at a recent online survey which seeks to understand psychiatrists’ knowledge, attitudes and experiences in identifying and supporting their patients on the autism spectrum.

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Perinatal depression in mothers: how can treatment help with parenting and child development?


Eloise Stark publishes her debut blog on a recent systematic review, which looks at the effect that treatment for perinatal depression in mothers can have on parenting and child development.

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