Autism and psychiatrists: experience, knowledge and attitudes revealed in new survey


Eloise Stark looks at a recent online survey which seeks to understand psychiatrists’ knowledge, attitudes and experiences in identifying and supporting their patients on the autism spectrum.

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Experiences of the osteoarthritis GP consultation, attitudes and beliefs to OA


Do GPs tell people that osteoarthritis or ‘wear and tear’ is a normal part of ageing and nothing can be done? This recent narrative review sought to find out.

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New CCGs need a variety of information sources in order to make effective decisions, according to survey

Weighing scales

The authors of this paper found that the way people search for evidence relating to commissioning decisions varies, depending on their professional background. That is why this paper is particularly pertinent to commissioners, policy decision-makers, health managers, and medical librarians, who have the necessary skills to help staff working in commissioning to find the best [read the full story…]

Effective support from health and social services could improve carer well-being, study suggests

Pile of stones balanced

This paper is particularly pertinent to commissioners of both health and social care, as it addresses the needs of informal carers of people suffering from long-term neurological conditions (LTNCs), such as Parkinson’s disease (PD), Motor Neuron Disease (MND), and Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Implications of long-term neurological conditions LTNCs get progressively worse, with sufferers becoming more and [read the full story…]