Danny Whiting

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Danny is a clinical academic forensic psychiatrist based in Nottingham where he works clinically in prison mental health services. He is interested in the epidemiology of violence in mental illness and clinical prediction models, particularly how they might best be validated and clinically translated as clinical support tools in psychiatry. He completed his PhD as part of an NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship, which involved developing approaches to improve violence risk assessment and intervention in first episode psychosis.


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Mental disorder and homicide: are rates and sentencing patterns changing?


Danny Whiting reports on a study of mental health problems and long-term national trends in rates and court outcome for people convicted of homicide.

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Prison and mental illness: the unmet needs associated with reincarceration


Danny Whiting reviews a recent Canadian prison study which finds that schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and homelessness are some of the factors significantly associated with reincarceration.

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First episode psychosis in prison: is our screening effective?


Danny Whiting explores the issue of screening for first episode psychosis in prison using a retrospective cohort study from Australia.

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Crime victimisation: vulnerability increased after onset of mental illness


Danny Whiting writes his debut elf blog on a recent Danish study that uses police data to measure the risk of being subjected to crime, including violent crime, after onset of mental illness.

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