Bethany Gill

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Bethany Gill is a Senior Research associate at The Division of Health Research, Lancaster University. She has a degree and a masters in Psychology. Bethany is currently working with colleagues to evaluate interventions to target inactive and wellbeing. Her previous posts involved exploring factors impacting the implementation of digital health interventions into the NHS.


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Mental health apps: using implementation science to understand sustained use


Bethany Gill summarises a recent narrative review of mental health apps for depression and anxiety, which explores what’s needed to make sure apps are successfully implemented and used sustainably.

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Mental health carers: peer-led training, education and support #MentalHealthCarers


Bethany Gill helps us prepare for the #MentalHealthCarers event by summarising a service evaluation of a peer-led psychoeducation programme which aims to improve mental health carers well-being, reduce burden and enrich empowerment.

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