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Dr Anneka Tomlinson is a clinician and senior postdoctoral researcher working with Professor Andrea Cipriani in the Department of Psychiatry, Univeristy of Oxford. Her focus is on evidence synthesis in psychiatry, particularly mood disorders and adult ADHD with an interest in psychopharmacology and precision medicine. She has also held a position as Honorary Lecturer at the University Manchester, for over 5 years, where she supervises postgraduate students and teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students. Anneka completed her undergraduate studies in Clinical Sciences (BSc hons) at the Univeristy of Bradford. She later completed her PhD at the Univeristy of Manchester in the field of Adult ADHD; specifically focusing on the neurocognitive deficits and the effects of ADHD treatment. She then went on to study Graduate Medicine at the Univeristy of Oxford, where she now works as a clinician and academic.


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Antidepressants and weight gain: long-term population impact #SUSANAsurvey


Andrea Cipriani and Anneka Tomlinson summarise a 10-year cohort study of antidepressant use and incidence of weight gain.

They also launch their new SUSANA project: Survey for Understanding Side effects of ANtidepressants in Adults. Please take the SUSANA survey now!

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