Alexis An Yee Low

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Alexis is a medical student and PhD student working on understanding the mechanisms behind worry and anxiety with mathematical models. They are passionate about diversity and inclusion in mental health, and are a dedicated powerlifter and poet. Alexis' research interests include depression, anxiety, models, LGBT+ issues, neurodivergence, and diversity in mental health research.


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Self Help Plus for refugees: we need effective, low-intensity and scalable interventions

Asylum seekers and refugees in the UK increasingly face challenges impacting on their experiences of resettlement.

Alexis Low considers a meta-analysis which evaluates Self-Help Plus, a promising WHO intervention that could be scaled up to address the mental health needs of refugees and asylum seekers.

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Deep brain stimulation for severe depression: could ‘brain pacemakers’ be the answer for some?


Alexandra Pike, Alexis An Yee Low and Jonathan Roiser critically appraise a recent n-of-1 study on ‘brain pacemakers for depression’, which received extensive press coverage earlier this month. The case study looks at deep brain stimulation (closed-loop neuromodulation) in an individual with treatment-resistant depression.

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