Anxiety is a common negative psychological outcome after stroke. How does this impact on the patient?


Every year an estimated 152,000 people in the UK suffer a stroke (for more general information go to the Stroke Association website). Quality of life post stroke is not only influenced by physical impairment but also by psychological factors. Although anxiety disorders are the most common mental health problem globally, the study of anxiety post-stroke has [read the full story…]

Apathy secondary to stroke is more frequent than depression


Some days even the most committed of Elves can be a little reluctant to return to work in the woodland. What must it be like though to feel like that every day?  Apathy (diminished motivation, lack of emotion, interest or concern) is thought to be a frequent complication of stroke associated with poorer outcomes, but [read the full story…]

The dose-response association between psychological distress and mortality, new BMJ meta-analysis shows the link


There is an increasing body of evidence showing that depression and anxiety are linked with other health conditions like cancer and cardiovascular disease. I’ve blogged about the link between depression and stroke, and there are a number of other studies that show an association between psychological distress (the symptoms of depression and anxiety) and mortality, [read the full story…]

More evidence to support the association between depression and an increased risk of stroke


I’ve blogged before about the association between stroke and depression. It seems logical that people who have strokes are at risk of depression afterwards, but studies have also shown a more concrete relationship between the two conditions. This new meta-analysis conducted by a research team from Soochow University in China looks at prospective studies to [read the full story…]

Depression significantly increases the risk of stroke: new systematic review


There is a considerable body of research that explores the links between depression and other diseases (e.g. cancer and cardiovascular disease). Many studies have also been published that investigate the relationship between depression and stroke, but the results are inconsistent. Researchers from Harvard have now conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies [read the full story…]