Orthodontic ligation methods and biofilm formation

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This review comparing elastomeric ligation with self-ligation and steel wire ligation for orthodontic appliances and their effect on clinical outcomes included 11 RCTs. The findings suggest no significant differences although the trials were small with a majority at high risk of bias.

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Self-ligating brackets: Brace yourself! It’s time for some spring cleaning!


The Scottish Dental Registrars on a recent systematic review of the effects of self-ligating brackets and conventional brackets on the periodontal status of adolescents undergoing orthodontic treatment.

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Orthodontic brackets: type unlikely to affect oral hygiene


12 small studies were included in this review of orthodontic brackets and their effect on pain and oral hygiene. No differences were seen between self-ligating and conventional brackets

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Self-ligating orthodontic bracket system did not increase treatment efficiency

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This 3-centre randomised trial, involving 138 patients, found no clinically significant difference in treatment efficiency between treatment with a self-ligating bracket system and a conventional ligation system.

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Review finds that orthodontic treatment using self-ligated bracket systems take longer than conventional approaches


This review aims to assess the role of the various characteristics of orthodontic brackets (material, slot size, ligation type, etc) and their combination with specific wires on their clinical effectiveness and associated side-effects during fixed-appliance orthodontic treatment. Searches were conducted in Medline, Cochrane Library, Biomed Central, BBO including LILACS, Ind Med, Sceilo, Clinical trials.gov, Conference [read the full story…]

Trial finds no changes in arch dimensions following orthodontic treatment with conventional brackets and either active or passive self-ligation

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To produce alignment without extraction. It has been suggested that passive self-ligating brackets can introduce specific, uniquely stable arch dimensional changes. The aim of this trial was to quantify maxillary arch dimensional changes and maxillary incisor and molar inclination changes during orthodontic alignment by directly comparing a passive self-ligating bracket, an active self-ligating system and [read the full story…]