Interventions to improve social circumstances among people with mental health conditions


Andy Bell summarises work by the Mental Health Policy and Research Unit looking at improving the social circumstances of people with mental health conditions. The study finds the most robust and compelling evidence available relates to gaining paid employment and tackling homelessness.

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Supporting older people with learning disabilities with inclusive retirement


A short while ago, we posted about the reflections of mentors in a programme in Australia aimed at helping older people get connected to and take part in community groups. The paper we are posting about today draws on data from that project. The researchers developed the project in the context of increasing numbers of [read the full story…]

Characteristics of faith communities inclusive of people with learning disabilities identified in US survey


The issue of faith and participation in faith communities for people with learning disabilities is not widely explored in the literature. In 2004, the foundation for people with learning disabilities published the report of a two-year action research project to develop and describe creative ideas for meeting people’s religious needs  and produced a good practice [read the full story…]

Norwegian study suggests users of senior centres would welcome inclusion of older people with learning disabilities

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Inclusion sits at the heart of policy relating to the support of people with learning disabilities. This Norwegian study set out to look at some practical implications of this in relation to providing support to older people with learning disabilities, in particular the views and attitudes of people using ‘senior centres’ in Norway to the [read the full story…]