Partial dentures provided partial compensation for masticatory function


This review looked at the ability of partial dentures to improve masticatory performance. 8 studies involving 180 patients were included suggesting that RPDs partially compensated for this reduced performance.

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Compete dentures: no difference between simplified and traditional approaches to fabrication


Today we look at a review that compares simplified approaches with traditional methods for constructing complete dentures. 3 small trials reported in 6 papers suggest some advantages of the simplified approach over the traditional. However studies are small and of short duration.

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Some weak evidence is available to guide choice of occlusal schemes for complete dentures.


It is widely accepted that the occlusal schemes of complete dentures have a direct influence on their success. A Cochrane review by Sutton et al in 2004 only identified one trial that fully met their inclusion criteria; so recommended further well conducted randomised controlled trials (RCTs). The aim of this review was to assess the [read the full story…]