Incredible Years Parent Training has a role in improving outcomes for all children


Fiona Warner-Gale presents the findings of a meta-analytic review of the Incredible Years Parent Training programme, which is found to be effective at modifying disruptive and prosocial child behaviour. This evidence will be of interest to many, including policymakers, planners and practitioners.

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Moving to better neighbourhoods: bad for boys, good for girls?


The link between external influences such as family and neighbourhood experiences and young people’s mental health outcomes has been extensively commented on in the literature. While it is more common for studies to focus on the individual or family level, looking at things from a wider perspective is interesting especially from a public mental health [read the full story…]

Telephone-based treatments can help children with disruptive behaviour and anxiety


Many children suffer from disruptive behaviour or anxiety disorders, but access to care for this group is notoriously poor because there are so many barriers to receiving help.  Psychotherapy takes time and there remains a lack of funding and a dearth of trained professionals to deliver quality care.  Added to this is the stigma experienced [read the full story…]