Digital technology for better mental health services: perspectives from Australia and the USA


Maria Giorgalli summarises a recent review on the use of digital technology to improve mental health services, based on the healthcare systems of Australia and the USA.

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Highs and lows of commissioning over the past ten years

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Introduction The report provides practical guidance and support for NHS employees working in the new NHS system, in particular commissioners working in clinical commissioning groups, local authorities, and NHS England (NHS Commissioning Board). The NHS Confederation is an organisation that identifies best practice and helps NHS staff to implement it. It has produced this report [read the full story…]

New NHS Confederation briefing on the future of liaison psychiatry


The NHS Confederation have published a new report on liaison psychiatry services that has been written by the Centre for Mental Health. Liaison psychiatry is concerned with the interface between medicine and psychiatry and typically involves patients with medical conditions that also result in psychiatric or behavioural symptoms, such as delirium. The study set out [read the full story…]

A joined-up solution for social inclusion and mental health recovery: new briefing from the Centre for Mental Health


Recovery is an increasingly popular concept and philosophy in mental health circles and rightly so. Many of us who have direct experience of suffering from a mental health condition extol the virtues of an educational self management approach that helps individuals to take responsibility for themselves.  This kind of approach can help us develop the [read the full story…]

Can joint personal budgets help bridge the gap between health and social care provision?


This new briefing from the NHS Confederation introduces joint personal budgets for health and social care. It gives the context behind their development, explains how they might work and lists some of the issues that need to be considered before they could be used at scale. Delivering integrated care is obviously hugely beneficial to the [read the full story…]

Understanding the mental health marketplace in England: new briefing from the NHS Confederation


This new briefing paper from the NHS Confederation provides a clear overview of the mental health marketplace in England. Over £7 billion was invested in adult and older people mental health services in 2010/11. Most providers of services are statutory organisations, but there are also many charities, companies and social enterprises who make up the market. [read the full story…]

Personalisation and personal budgets can support recovery and transform mental health services, according to new report


This new briefing paper from the NHS Confederation and the Centre for Mental Health looks at the impact that personalisation and recovery are having on mental health services in England. The first part of this paper describes personalisation, personal budgets and personal health budgets. The second sets out their shared philosophy and discusses what the [read the full story…]

Alive and clicking: using the web and social media to share information with patients


The NHS Confederation have published another paper in their occasional series that looks at interactions between the NHS, individuals and communities. This paper explores the potential for using and sharing information in the NHS. It looks at the costs and benefits of informing and communicating with patients through web and social media platforms versus the [read the full story…]

Achieving race equality in mental health: a new briefing from the NHS Confederation


The NHS Confederation have published a new briefing that summarises the findings and recommendations from a recent report, commissioned by the Department of Health, into race equality in mental health. The report is based on a series of interviews with NHS and local authority leaders. The report suggests that focusing on tackling inequalities in access [read the full story…]

New NHS Confederation briefing on homelessness and mental health


This new briefing from the NHS Confederation sets out the policy context around tackling homelessness and addressing the mental health needs of homeless people. It also examines what considerations need to be made when planning, designing and delivering mental health services for homeless people and highlights examples of good practice. Around 70% of people accessing [read the full story…]