Understanding the mental health marketplace in England: new briefing from the NHS Confederation


This new briefing paper from the NHS Confederation provides a clear overview of the mental health marketplace in England.

Over £7 billion was invested in adult and older people mental health services in 2010/11. Most providers of services are statutory organisations, but there are also many charities, companies and social enterprises who make up the market.

The Department of Health commissioned the NHS Confederation and Mental Health Strategies to produce this review, which had 3 core objectives:

  1. To provide policymakers with a clear, comprehensive analysis of the current landscape of NHS-funded mental health provision in England.
  2. To assess, at a general and segment-specific level, the barriers to effective competition, including provider entry and exit.
  3. To indicate possible future trends in market development and their implications for policy development.

The executive summary contains a number of recommendations for the Department of Health, NHS Commissioning Board and wider health service.


Executive summary:
Mental health and the market (PDF). NHS Confederation, 10 Oct 2012.

The full report:
Review of the Provider Market for Mental Health Services: report commissioned by the Department of Health (PDF). NHS Confederation, Sep 2012.

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