Can psychotherapy reduce suicide and self-harm in young people?

A young woman suffering from depression is consoled by her friend.

Mark Smith presents the findings of a recent systematic review and meta analysis of therapeutic interventions for suicide and self-harm in young people.

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Are treatments for borderline personality disorder cost-effective?

Dialectical behaviour therapy was specifically developed to help people with borderline personality disorders

Our resident Elf Economist, Chris Sampson, reports on a new systematic review of economic evaluations for borderline personality disorder. Are any cost-effective?

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The latest evidence from NICE on the longer-term management of self-harm

Young woman thinking

The NICE guideline on the longer-term care and treatment of self-harm was published in November 2011 and contains research published up until January 2011. A group of experts including psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers has compiled an evidence update looking at the high quality research that has been published in the last two years (from [read the full story…]

New Cochrane review points to best psychotherapies for borderline personality disorder


The NICE guideline on borderline personality disorder (BPD) tells us more about what not to use to treat the condition than it does really help to recommend proven therapies. The guideline recommends the following: “Do not use brief psychological interventions (of less than 3 months’ duration) specifically for borderline personality disorder or for the individual [read the full story…]