Psychological interventions effective for improving mental health and sleep following complex trauma


In her debut blog, Delia Ciobotaru explores a network meta-analysis which finds that psychological treatments are effective in reducing PTSD symptoms experienced by people with complex trauma.

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Lack of studies of pharmacological interventions among adults with autism and learning disability leave clinicians with little guidance

Researchers looked at the use of psychotropic medications over time

1 in 100 adults experience autism worldwide but little research exists on autism in adults. Adults with autism and learning disability may have distinct needs, and in particular challenging behaviour, which may increase their social isolation and reduce access to quality health care.

In her debut blog, Kate van Dooren looks at a systematic review from Canadian researchers who examined the evidence for the use of medications for challenging behaviours in adults with autism and learning disability.

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Review finds antidepressant treatments effective in individuals with Down syndrome but evidence of under treatment


The authors of this review set out to provide a comprehensive, critical review of the clinically relevant literature concerning depression in Down syndrome (DS) focusing on epidemiology, potential risk factors, diagnosis, course characteristics and treatment. The search was carried out in January 2011 and excluded review articles not adding new information and single case reports.  [read the full story…]