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Zoë joined McPin in 2019 as Peer Impact and Engagement Officer for the UK Research and Innovation-funded Mental Health Networks. She is part of a coordination team from the University of Oxford, Mental Elf and Sixth Sense Media. The value of involvement of early career researchers, expertise from lived experience of mental health problems and a collaborative ethos are key principles within the networks that Zoë is passionate about, having previously used her own lived experience to contribute to research. Before joining McPin, Zoë completed an integrated MSc. in Biochemistry at the University of Oxford. Inspired by her interest in sleep-circadian rhythm disruption and mental health problems, her research project was on the mechanisms by which lithium affects cellular circadian rhythms.


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#chatsafe: helping young people communicate safely online about suicide


In her debut blog, Zoë Catchpole summarises a recent qualitative paper about the Australian #chatsafe project, which outlines how young people were involved in the development of an online campaign to support conversations about suicide.

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