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Vishal Bhavsar is a researcher and general psychiatrist based in Southeast London. Since 2008, he has investigated the way that psychosis and related experiences might be affected by a person's neighbourhood environment, life experiences, healthy behaviours, and the structure of health services. His current research focuses on how health professionals identify and respond to violence, and how they form judgments about risk.


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People with severe mental illness are more likely to be victims of violent and non-violent crime


Vishal Bhavsar summarises a recent cross-sectional study of violent and non-violent crime against adults with severe mental illness, which finds that service users were five times more likely to be victims of assault, and three times more likely to be victims of household acquisitive crime.

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Schizophrenia and violent crime: perpetrators or victims?


Debut blogger Vishal Bhavsar summarises an Israeli population-based study that explores the links between schizophrenia and violent crime. He calls on researchers to focus on people with schizophrenia as victims rather than perpetrators of crime.

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