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After completing a BSc in Clinical Developmental Psychology and an MSc in Child and Adolescent Health Psychology, Silke became interested in the influences of physical activity, modifiable health behaviours, and the effects of Urbanisation on mental health. After further studies in Sports Psychology, Sexology, and Socio-Cultural Psychology, she is now investigating the Syndemic Framework theory in Mental Health at the University of York’s MHARG. Silke is interested in SMI (schizophrenia, severe MDD, bipolar disorder), early interventions, behavioural activation, holistic health care approach, syndemics/syndemic theory, physical activity, exposure to nature/green and blue spaces, psychological resilience, sleep behaviour, sexology, and cross-cultural mental illness research.


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The healthcare cost of multimorbidity in people with mental health diagnoses in Denmark


Kitty Saunders and Silke Vereeken explore the individual and population level healthcare costs of multimorbidities in people with at least one mental health diagnosis in Denmark.

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Acceptance and commitment therapy for early psychosis: results from the INTERACT trial

Note stick on copy space blue background with text I AM WORTHLESS change to I AM WORTHY, concept of self talk affirmation to overcome low self esteem, to love and accept value of oneself

Silke Vereeken summarises the INTERACT randomised controlled trial, which reports on the efficacy of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in daily life for people with early psychosis.

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