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Nuria holds a BSc in Psychology and is currently an MSc student in Youth Mental Health at The University of Birmingham. She is passionate, committed, and self-driven, with a special interest in research and generating evidence. Prior to her studies, Nuria supported children and young people with developmental and learning difficulties. Nuria is currently a research assistant collaborating with visually impaired adolescents in the co-development of an educational game that aims to enhance their social skills and improve their relationships with peers and educational staff. Her interests lay in social justice and advocacy for young people with developmental or learning difficulties, and those with adverse childhood experiences, trauma/PTSD, autism, Borderline Personality Disorder, ADHD, and how to enhance resilience and healthy coping mechanisms to reduce self-harm and suicide rates in youth. Lastly, Nuria is interested in interventions to improve daily habits, talking therapies, mentalisation, and CBT.


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Deciphering self-help: how do adolescents experiencing emotional difficulties cope?


Nuria Gardia considers a scoping review on self‑management, self‑care, and self‑help strategies in adolescents with emotional problems.

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Exploring the experiences of loneliness in people with mental health difficulties


In her debut blog, Nuria Gardia explores a qualitative study on loneliness experiences among people with mental health difficulties in the UK, which finds that mental health problems can lead to people feeling lonely, and feeling lonely can lead to poorer mental health.

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