Jingyi Wang

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Jingyi is a Research Associate in the Medical Research Council Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing - Population Science and Experimental Medicine at University College London. She completed a PhD in Mental Health Research at the UCL Division of Psychiatry. Her main research interest is in loneliness, its impact on mental health and its interventions. She is also doing research on the relationship between depression and cardiometabolic risk factors. She would love to make contributions to public awareness of mental health and loneliness.


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Social connectedness and mental health: measures and conceptual framework


Jingyi Wang summarises a recent systematic review and narrative synthesis, which proposes a conceptual framework for social connectedness and mental health.

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Loneliness in psychosis and related psychological and social factors


Jingyi Wang publishes her debut blog on a recent systematic review of loneliness in psychosis, which shows that the relationship between loneliness and psychosis remains poorly understood due to a lack of high quality studies.

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