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Jazz is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Academic Mental Health at the University of Bristol. She currently works with the ALSPAC cohort, a large-scale longitudinal study based in Bristol, examining childhood trauma, psychotic experiences and proposed cognitive mechanisms that may mediate their relationship. Having previously completed a BA in English Literature and Language at University College London and an MSc in the Psychology of Mental Health at the University of Edinburgh, Jazz is also interested in inter-disciplinary approaches to trauma and psychopathology and their wider cultural representation.


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The trauma of psychosis: high rates of PTSD in first episode psychosis

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Jazz Croft considers a recent systematic review about traumatic experiences in first-episode psychosis, which finds that nearly 1 in 3 people with first episode psychosis met diagnostic criteria for PTSD.

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Digital interventions for PTSD: meta-analysis suggests they may reduce symptoms

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Jazz Croft publishes her debut elf blog on a recent systematic review and meta-analysis of digital interventions to treat the symptoms of post traumatic stress.

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