Andrew McIntosh

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Andrew is Professor of Biological Psychiatry in the University of Edinburgh Division of Psychiatry. He graduated in Medicine from Aberdeen University in 1995 and Psychiatry training within Scotland. He has held several posts, including that of Wellcome Trust Research Fellow, MRC Research Fellow, Academy of Medical Sciences/Health Foundation Clinician Scientist, Reader and Visiting Associate Professor at Yale Medical School. His goal is to identify and use genetic risk factors for psychiatric disorder in order to elucidate their underlying disease mechanisms using measures of brain structure, function and connectivity.


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Quarantine: infection prevention, but at what cost for mental health?


As the COVID-19 lockdown enters its second week in the UK, Matthew Iveson and Andrew McIntosh consider the psychological impact of quarantine and how to reduce it.

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How can genetics help us better understand, diagnose and treat mental illness? An interview with Andrew McIntosh


This World Mental Health Day, we share a Wellcome Trust interview with Professor Andrew McIntosh, who has a £4.7 million award to explore why people develop depression. He tells Wellcome how he hopes his work will improve the lives of people with mental health conditions, and how he looks after his own mental wellbeing.

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