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Alejandro is an aspiring mental health researcher currently completing his MSc in Clinical Mental Health Sciences at UCL. He is working as an Honorary Research Assistant at UCL. Alejandro has two publications to date – a short article in the Psychology Review Extra Magazine published in September 2018 and a report looking at anti-Semitism in European football, where he worked closely with HM’s Government and the House of Lords. Alejandro is particularly interested in psychotropic medication withdrawal, social epidemiology, service user and clinician interpretation of psychotropic medication consumption and global mental health. Alejandro has a BSc in Sport & Exercise Psychology from Loughborough University and is a Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society. Alejandro has lived experience of mental health problems and psychotropic medication consumption, where he got diagnosed with panic disorder in 2021. Alejandro is also keen to complete a PhD after his Masters.


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“I feel inferior and ashamed”: the stigma of psychosis in ethnic minority groups


Alejandro Arguelles Bullon summarises a qualitative study looking at stigma and psychosis experienced by people from ethnic minorities.

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Experiences of junior doctors working during the pandemic in England


Alejandro Arguelles Bullon summarises a qualitative study investigating the experiences of junior doctors in England during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The global burden of disease from mental disorders remains high


Alejandro Arguelles Bullon summarises the latest Global Burden of Disease study (2019) looking at the prevalence, incidence and impact that mental disorders have on our lives, which shows no reduction in the burden over the last 30 years.

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