Lack of reliable evidence for the effectiveness of remineralizing agents for the treatment of post-orthodontic white spot lesions

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White spot lesions (WSLs) are a common adverse effect of orthodontic treatment. The incidence of these lesions is high with some estimates as high as 97%.  The aim of this review was to assess the evidence regarding the effect of remineralizing agents on post-orthodontic WSLs and to evaluate which remineralizing agents are effective for the [read the full story…]

Topical fluorides for moderate to high caries risk adults


There is a tendency to focus on the prevention of dental caries in children yet is it is a problem that continues to affect old and young alike.  While considerable time and effort is spent on preventive programmes for children far less consideration to adults. The American Dental Association Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry has published [read the full story…]

Sealants, fluoride varnish and silver diamine fluoride compared


Dental caries is unfortunately still a common problem among children worldwide.  Cochrane reviews have shown the effectiveness of pit and fissure sealants (Hiiri et al  2009)  and fluoride varnishes (Marinho et al 2002) . While other reviews have found silver diamine fluoride (SDF) to be effective (Rosenblatt et al 2009).  The aim of this trial [read the full story…]

Fluoride varnish application in school setting did not reduce caries in first permanent molars

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The aim of this cluster randomised controlled trial was to measure the effectiveness of fluoride varnish as a public health intervention to prevent caries in the first permanent molars of 7- and 8-year-old children when delivered in the school setting. Schools that agreed to participate were randomized into test and reference groups by the study [read the full story…]

In high caries risk children; fluoride varnish, maternal counselling and chlorhexidine mouthwash as effective as varnish and counselling


Early childhood caries (ECC) is  a common chronic childhood disease and a serious concern for child welfare.  In the USA its incidence has increased from 24% to 28%  in recent decades.  The aim of this study  was to  compare an intensive early intervention caries prevention strategy against a more limited control intervention. At 4 months [read the full story…]

Topical fluoride is effective in preventing caries in moderate and high caries risk adults


While dental caries in usually associated with children it is still a common problem for adults.  Several systematic reviews have evaluated the use of fluorides for the prevention of caries in children but fewer of fluoride use in adults.  The aim of this review was to evaluate the research regarding professional and/or supplemental self-applied fluoride [read the full story…]