Sialendoscopy for treating obstructive salivary disorders


49 observational studies were included in this review of sialendoscopy for obstructive salivary disease. The findings suggest a successful resolution for sialendoscopy alone of 76% (95% CI; 71 to 82%) and 91% (95% CI; 88 to 94%) for sialendoscopy and surgery.

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Benign parotid tumors: Superficial or total conservative parotidectomy


13 retrospective studies were included in this review comparing superficial and total conservative parotidectomy approaches for the management of benign parotid tumours. The review suggests that superficial approach is better but the quality of the evidence is low.

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Review finds good success rates with sialendoscopy for treating salivary gland obstruction


About 50% of benign salivary gland disease results from obstructive sialadenitis. The majority of cases are seen in the submandibular gland (80-90%) with 10-15% in the parotid and  < 1% in the sublingual gland.  The aim of this review was to summarize the current literature and determine the efficacy and safety of sialendoscopy in the [read the full story…]