Parotid gland tumours and mobile phone use?

The study used data from a previous telephone survey, which focused on depression, concussion and brain injury, amongst other things

This review of parotid gland tumours and mobile phone use included 3 case-controlled studies and hints at a possible association. However the limited evidence means that the findings should be viewed very cautiously.

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Sialendoscopy for treating obstructive salivary disorders


49 observational studies were included in this review of sialendoscopy for obstructive salivary disease. The findings suggest a successful resolution for sialendoscopy alone of 76% (95% CI; 71 to 82%) and 91% (95% CI; 88 to 94%) for sialendoscopy and surgery.

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Benign parotid tumors: Superficial or total conservative parotidectomy


13 retrospective studies were included in this review comparing superficial and total conservative parotidectomy approaches for the management of benign parotid tumours. The review suggests that superficial approach is better but the quality of the evidence is low.

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