Traumatic dental injuries in primary teeth – prevalence of clinical and radiographic sequalae


This review of the prevalence of clinical and radiographic sequelae following traumatic dental injuries to primary teeth included 25 cross-sectional studies. Crown discolouration followed by pulp necrosis with infection were the most common sequelae but the findings should be viewd with caution because the evidence is of very low certainty.

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Root canal obturation using core-carrier techniques


19 studies were included in this review of core-carrier obturation techniques in endodontic treatment. Success rates was 83%(95CI; 69-91%) with 24% suffering postoperative pain and 31% having overfilling.

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Study suggest that 5% of all teeth have a periapical radiolucency

shutterstock_2296216-root canal xray

In yesterday’s blog we looked at the outcomes of one versus two visit root canal treatment . Today we are looking at a review which seeks to identify what the prevalence of periapical radiolucencies  and non-surgical root treatment is in the population. The authors searched the MEDLINE and EMBASE databases with hand searching of the [read the full story…]