Root canal obturation: Does apical extent of obturation affect outcome?


Mark-Steven Howe looks at this review of the association between obturation extent and final treatment outcome of root canal treatment. Twenty two studies were included with 11 contributing to the meta-analysis suggestign that obturation extent may have an effect.

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Root canal obturation using core-carrier techniques


19 studies were included in this review of core-carrier obturation techniques in endodontic treatment. Success rates was 83%(95CI; 69-91%) with 24% suffering postoperative pain and 31% having overfilling.

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Root canal obturation-hot or cold?

shutterstock_70416955-root canal treatment

This randomised controlled trial compares root canal obturation with cold lateral condensation or thermafil after a period of two years. After that tiem no significant differences were demonstrated between the two approaches.

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