Eye-tracking to assess language and cognition in children with Rett Syndrome


Konstantinos Filippos Kollias summarises a 2021 study investigating formal and informal assessments used to assess language and cognition in children with Rett Syndrome.

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New research begins to focus on therapeutic interventions on the underlying cause of learning disabilities


With the background of 11% of total United States government spending for disability support in 2006, the authors from Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School highlight the financial and social imperatives to improve services for people with learning disabilities. They remind us that most of the current focus on research has been on environmental [read the full story…]

Study finds clinical severity in Rett syndrome increases with age

Two women

Rett syndrome is a neurological disorder mainly affecting females which although present from birth, may remain undetected until around one year of age. Many people with Rett syndrome have a mutation on the MECP2 gene on the X chromosome. The authors of this study were interested in describing the Rett syndrome behavioural phenotype by using [read the full story…]

Scoliosis in girls with Rett syndrome impairs functioning


Rett syndrome affects girls and is characterized by progressive motor disablement, loss of acquired skills, seizures and autism. Scoliosis is also a commonly seen as a complication and this study set out to describe its prevalence, classify spinal deformity, and evaluate associations between disability and scoliosis. 29 patients took part in the study, ages ranging [read the full story…]