Mental Health First Aid improves knowledge, reduces stigma and makes people more likely to offer support


Sarah Knowles summarises a recent meta-analysis of Mental Health First Aid, which claims to be the first study to quantitatively synthesise the evidence in this field.

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Do we stigmatise mental illness more as we age?


Raluca Lucacel writes her debut blog about an age-period-cohort analysis, which investigates how attitudes towards people with mental illness worsen during the course of life.

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“Psychokiller, qu’est-ce que c’est”. The risk of violent re-offending among prisoners with psychotic experiences


In England and Wales, the Mental Health Act (1983, revised 2007) allows for the detention of individuals to hospital for a period of assessment (Section 2) or treatment (Section 3) if it is deemed that they suffer with a mental disorder of a nature or degree sufficient to warrant admission to hospital and it is necessary [read the full story…]

Cognitive dissonance and positive health behaviours: a systematic review shows dissonance-based interventions can be successful


Most of us have heard of cognitive dissonance although the term is often used incorrectly. I’m sure when you find out you thought you were using it correctly but weren’t, you’ll feel bad. Cognitive dissonance refers to a state of psychological discomfort that arises from conflicting attitudes or beliefs. For example you may have a [read the full story…]

Mental health literacy increases, but mental heath stigma is not reduced. New systematic review explores why not


We have learnt so much about mental illness in the last few decades and the science behind diagnosing, managing and supporting people with individual conditions has improved dramatically. Despite this improved knowledge, public attitudes to mental health issues remain varied and we still frequently hear horror stories about how people with mental health conditions are [read the full story…]

Attitudes to mental illness survey shows some improvement but more work needed

iStock_000016599766XSmall survey questionnaire

The NHS Information Centre has published a report that presents the findings of a survey of attitudes towards mental illness among adults in England undertaken in 2011. The questionnaire included a number of statements about mental illness. Respondents were asked to indicate how much they agreed or disagreed with each statement. Other questions covered a [read the full story…]