Adult social care personal budgets: the complexity of control


In our second blog exploring research on personal budgets, Mike Clark dissects the biggest national survey of social care personal budget users and finds that a seemingly simple policy idea is complex in its operation and discovers some ideas about organising this complexity to meet individual needs and improve outcomes.

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Eight stories in film showing people with learning disabilities living their own lives


Living your own life in your own home is something most of take for granted. It’s just something you do. We don’t tend to think about community, or independent living, or planning, we get on with it. This is not always the case for people with learning disabilities. In this post, we wanted to link [read the full story…]

Overcoming the barriers to self directed support for people with learning disabilities

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Self-directed support is described by InControl  as an approach to social care which gives people optimum choice and control over their support arrangements. People with social care needs are offered funding to organise their own support, rather than being offered a directly provided service. There is now a clear policy direction in England and Scotland [read the full story…]

For Connor: Day 62 out of #107days

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Here at the National Elf Service, we are committed to highlighting and discussing evidence based practice. Our usual approach is to focus posts around a piece of recently published research, but this post is different, responding as it is to the tragic events of last year that led to Connor Sparrowhawk’s death. Just over a [read the full story…]

Personalised supports in Ireland produce better outcomes than support in congregated settings


Background Personalised or individualised supports are those which respond to unique needs of an individual, which focus on their personal assets and abilities; accentuate choice and control and are delivered in the community alongside other citizens. In recent years in the Republic of Ireland, there has been an increasing focus in public policy on personalisation [read the full story…]

Scoping Review finds insufficient evidence on impact of personalisation in lives of people with learning disabilities


Background Personalisation at its simplest is about starting with one person at the centre of any process concerned with responding to social care (and increasingly, health care) needs. SCIE have suggested that this will require ‘significant transformation’ of adult social care services, structures and processes, with implications for the role of social workers. The researchers [read the full story…]

Short-term planning in support for people with learning disabilities is short-sighted and costly says survey

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Background Cost pressures on adult social care budgets continue, with evidence to the Select Committee on Public Service and Demographic Change suggesting that 85% of councils are implementing eligibility thresholds at ‘substantial’ or ‘critical’ needs. Adults with learning disabilities who are in receipt of adult social care support may need support for substantial periods and [read the full story…]

100 ‘One Page Profiles’ and their stories

one page profiles

Person centred planning was placed at the heart of policy for services to people with learning disabilities in the 2001 White Paper, Valuing People. This approach to planning has been developed into a broader approach to personalisation throughout the system. One of the tools developed to help is the ‘one page profile’. Often there is [read the full story…]

“House of care” model can improve outcomes for long term conditions says new report


A new report from the Kings Fund, Delivering better services for people with long-term conditions:  building the house of care, shares learning from the “house of care” model which was developed through the Year of Care programme and discussed in a recent workshop and series of interviews.  The “house of care” metaphor is used to [read the full story…]

Challenges in implementing personal health budgets: lessons for commissioners


A timely report from the Nuffield Trust details the background to the current policy on personal health budgets (due to become effective in April 2014) and some important learning for commissioners and policy makers.  From next year, clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) will be required to offer personal health budgets to patients receiving continuing health care [read the full story…]