Jeanne Carlin

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Jeanne started her social work career in child protection and then moved into children’s disability services. During the last 12 years of her employment she worked as a disability consultant doing training, research, writing and consulting. Her passion and commitment in this area comes from being a family carer to her daughter for 32 years. She also spent a number of years supporting her father, who had dementia and continues to support her mother who has chronic respiratory failure and now lives in residential care. In retirement Jeanne continues to be actively involved in research (Social Care Ethics Committee, School for Social Care Research) and a number of campaigning groups around personalisation.


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Decision making among male carers of people with dementia


Jeanne Carlin explores a study on decision making in male carers of people with dementia and reflects on her own experiences in interpreting the findings.

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What contributes to adult children carers’ well-being?


Jeanne Carlin discusses a review about influences on adult children carers’ well-being and thinks about what the evidence means for Care Act implementation.

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Black and minority ethnic carers' satisfaction with social care


Jeanne Carlin takes a close look at a systematic review of research into black and minority ethnic carer satisfaction with, and barriers to, social care and support.

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Direct payments, dementia and 'suitable persons'


Jeanne Carlin examines a study looking at how direct payments to ‘suitable persons’ might work for people with dementia, their carers and practitioners.

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