Direct funding and older people: why are we still talking about choice?


Francesca Pozzoli considers a qualitative metasynthesis of directly funded home-care programmes for older people and the concept of ‘choice’.

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Individual Service Funds work well for people, but we also need to learn from when things don’t go so well


Individual Service Funds offer the opportunity for flexible, person centred responses by providers. But in order to achieve this flexibility, commissioners need to break down larger block contracts to make funds available.

Here, Nick Burton looks at an evaluation of such a disaggregation of funds that took place in the London Borough of Southwark.

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Overcoming the barriers to self directed support for people with learning disabilities

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Self-directed support is described by InControl  as an approach to social care which gives people optimum choice and control over their support arrangements. People with social care needs are offered funding to organise their own support, rather than being offered a directly provided service. There is now a clear policy direction in England and Scotland [read the full story…]