Do suicide awareness campaigns reduce stigma and increase help-seeking?


Cara Richardson reviews a Dutch study exploring the impact of a suicide prevention awareness campaign on stigma, taboo and attitudes towards professional help-seeking.

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Has Time to Change made it time to talk?


Aileen O’Brien publishes her debut blog on a recent study that explored the relationship between anti-stigma programme awareness, disclosure comfort and intended help-seeking regarding a mental health problem.

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Should we stigmatise smokers?


Andrew Jones on a recent systematic review that brings together quantitative and qualitative research about the positive and negative impact of tobacco cessation campaigns and measures. The review concludes that stigmatising of smoking can lead to unintended consequences, such as increased stress, social isolation and smoking relapse.

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Public-service announcements about illegal drugs may be doing more harm than good


Campaigns in the media that encourage people not to take illicit drugs are now commonplace in the US, but a systematic review of the effectiveness of these interventions has not been conducted until now. A team of researchers from Vancouver in Canada have carried out a systematic review and meta-analysis of 7 randomised controlled trials [read the full story…]