Eye-tracking to assess language and cognition in children with Rett Syndrome


Konstantinos Filippos Kollias summarises a 2021 study investigating formal and informal assessments used to assess language and cognition in children with Rett Syndrome.

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Parents and carers of children with an intellectual disability: what do we know about their wellbeing?


Charlie Lynch and Derek Tracy review a study on childhood intellectual disability and parents’ wellbeing, which integrates social, psychological and genetic influences.

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The prevalence of peg-shaped lateral incisors is higher among Mongoloid people


The peg-shaped lateral incisor is one that has an incisal mesiodistal width of the tooth crown shorter than the cervical width. This can lead to aesthetic, orthodontic and periodontal problems for the patient.  The aim of this review was to assess the prevalence in relation to race, sex, population type and continent of origin. The [read the full story…]