Endodontic surgery: Adjunctive regenerative techniques


This review of the influence of different regenerative techniques and materials on the outcome of endodontic surgery includes 11 RCTs. The findings suggest that regenerative approaches improve periapical lesion healing after endodontic surgery. However the studies are small and only 2 are at low risk of bias.

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Subcutaneous emphysema during root canal treatment

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This review of the factors affecting the development ofsubcutaneous emphysema during root canal therapy included
51 studies describing 65 cases. A majority (48%) were linked to drying tooth canals with pressurised air in three-way syringe

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Endodontics or extraction and implant for the pulpally involved tooth?


45 studies are included in this review of endodontic treatment or implants for the pulpally involved tooth. The studies are are observational with few comparative studies and while they summarise success rates for various treatments they should be interpreted cautiously. High quality comparative studies are needed as well as agreement on common reporting outcomes.

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Retrograde root filling: insufficient evidence for best material


The Cochrane review of of materials for retrograde root filling identified 6 RCTs all at high risk of bias. The trials provide insufficient evidence to draw any conclusion as to the benefits of any one material over another so more high quality studies are needed.

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Endodontic retreatment: Surgical or non-surgical approach?

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20 RCTs are included in this Cochrane review update of endodontic retreatment. The available evidence is of low quality so further research is needed to understand the effects of surgical versus non-surgical approaches, and to determine which surgical procedures provide the best results.

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Prognosis of nerve injuries caused by over-extruded endodontic materials


27 case reports and 1 case series were identified for this review of nerve damage due to over-extruded endodontic materials providing very low quality evidence for management of the problem.

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Review finds predictable outcomes with modern endodontic surgery techniques.

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Surgical endodontic treatment is used when traditional root canal treatment is impractical or unlikely achieve a satisfactory outcome. The aim of this review was to evaluate the outcomes of surgical endodontic treatment performed using modern approaches.  Modern approaches were considered to be use of magnification, root-end resection with minimal or no bevel, retrograde cavity preparation [read the full story…]

Mineral Trioxide Aggregate and Super Ethoxy–Benzoic Acid have similar success rates as root- end fillers following endodontic surgery


A range of materials have been used for root-end filling after endodontic surgery with a systematic review by Tang and Yin in 2010 finding that; ‘mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) as root-end filling is better than amalgam and purely gutta-percha but similar to intermediate restorative material(IRM).’ However, only a 5 trials could be included in that [read the full story…]