Preventing mental illness, at long last


Peter Byrne, the Public Mental Health lead at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, welcomes a new BMA report entitled: “Tackling the Causes – promoting public mental health and investing in prevention”.

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Medical management of people who use illegal drugs: new report from the BMA


There has been a great deal of debate about illicit drugs in recent weeks. Just before Christmas, we had the House Affairs Committee report, which highlighted the downward trend in recorded drug use over recent years. Earlier this week the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Drug Policy Reform published their report on legal highs, which recommended a [read the full story…]

New guidance from BMA to help doctors protect vulnerable adults

young man on street

The British Medical Association have published a toolkit for GPs, which provides practical advice to doctors on promoting and protecting the wellbeing of vulnerable adults. Although principally aimed at GPs, any professional working in health care settings with vulnerable adults will find it useful. The term “vulnerable adults” covers an extremely wide range of individuals, [read the full story…]