Small trial suggests no difference between chlorhexidine rinse and amoxicillin in reducing bacteraemia during third molar extractions

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As bacteraemia occurs during toothbrushing  (Dental Elf 5th Oct 2011) it is to be anticipated during more invasive activities such as flossing, scaling (Dental Elf 9th Jan 2013) and dental extractions.  The main aim of this study was to directly compare and determine the effect of a pre- procedure rinse of 0.12% chlorhexidine on the [read the full story…]

Flossing, scaling and bugs in the blood

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Some of the evidence used to in the formulation of the NICE guidance on antibiotic prophylaxis for invasive dental procedures that we discussed yesterday was the recognition that everyday oral activities cause bacteraemia (Dental Elf  10th May 2011). This new cross-sectional study by Zhang et al looked the bacteraemia caused by flossing compared with scaling [read the full story…]

Bacteraemia due to everyday oral activities

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The aim of this review was to investigate the robustness of the observations on the influence of oral hygiene, gingival and periodontal status on the development of bacteraemia from everyday oral activities (B-EOA), analysing its prevalence, duration, magnitude and bacterial diversity. The authors searched MEDLINE-PubMed, the Cochrane Library and Embase for studies on B-EOA. They [read the full story…]