If you really want to know if a digital mental health tool has impact, ignore the trial: read the analytics


Terry Fleming writes her debut elf blog on a recent study that systemically examines the usage patterns of self-help mental health apps using independently gathered internet traffic data.

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Elf help to ensure your research has digital impact #ResearchWales16


This post accompanies a talk I’m giving in Cardiff today at the Research with Impact conference organised by Health and Care Research Wales. Please read the blog, peruse my slides and let me know what you think. It’s an exciting time for us elves!

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Ten most popular Mental Elf blogs in 2012


Greetings pop pickers! In this pre-Xmas week, it’s time to take stock and consider the most popular blogs on the Mental Elf in 2012. These are the movers and shakers, chosen by you (the readers) as you’ve clicked your way around the site: Here is the evidence for exercising if you are depressed (11 Jun [read the full story…]