Alveolar ridge preservation techniques: evidence limited


This review of alveolar ridge preservation techniques addressed two questions. They main one of benefit over unassisted healing only included 9 small studies of short duration providing limited evidence to support its use.

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Dental implants in atrophic jaws – shorter implants without augmentation may be the first choice


Six studies involving a total of 837 implants in 335 patients were included in this review comparing implants in augmented bone with short implants in patients with strophic jaws. The findings suggest better outcomes, fewere failed implants and complications with short implants.

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Alveolar ridge augmentation effective suggests review

Stac Pollaidh Sep05

This review of alveolar ridge augmentation procedures included 40 studies only 17 of which were RCTs . While a statistically significant improvement was seen, there was a very high degree of heterogeneity because of the wide range of clinical procedures, measurement approaches and healing times in the included studies.

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Only poor quality evidence available on immediate versus delayed implant placement in augmented alveolar ridges


The aim of this review was to compare, the success rate of dental implants placed simultaneously or as a second surgery following ridge augmentation by means of guided bone regeneration (GBR) or onlay graft regeneration technique. Searches were conducted in Medline and Embase and screening conducted independently by two reviewers.  Both prospective and retrospective study [read the full story…]