Dental Implants: long or short?


This review compares survival rates between extra-short implants (≤6 mm) and ≥10 mm long implants. 18 studies were included suggesting little diference up to 3 years following prosthetic loading.

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Short dental implants for the atrophic posterior mandible?

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The main aim of this systematic review is to look at implant based restorative options for restoring the atrophic posterior mandible using osseointegrated dental implants. The atrophic posterior mandible is defined here as having a residual ridge height of 8mm from the inferior dental nerve to the crest of the ridge. The two options considered [read the full story…]

Dental implants in atrophic jaws – shorter implants without augmentation may be the first choice


Six studies involving a total of 837 implants in 335 patients were included in this review comparing implants in augmented bone with short implants in patients with strophic jaws. The findings suggest better outcomes, fewere failed implants and complications with short implants.

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Review suggests that single crowns supported by short implants are an acceptable and predictable option

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The aim of this review was to assess the effectiveness of short (<10 mm) implants supporting single crowns in the posterior region and its potential risk factors. A wide range of databases were searched  (PubMed-Medline, Web of Science, Cochrane Library, Proquest- Dissertations and Thesis, Lilacs, Ebsco-Dentistry and Oral Sciences Source, Scirus, Embase, Scopus and Journal [read the full story…]